Olive Hill is written, directed and produced by a talented and dedicated team of people who have put in hundreds of hours to bringing you this production. That core team of people are, in alphabetical order:

Brian Burkhart: Voice of Anthony Bledsoe, Comic Book Nerd

Ian Epperson: Writer, Director, Cat Lady

Bridgett Howard: Voice of Carla Hayes, Writer, Adult Swim Nerd

Brooke Jennett: Voice of Esther Snow, Writer, Anime Nerd

Eric King: Voice of Ricky Allen, Food Nerd

Drew Raleigh: Music Production, Also named Derek

Grant Schumer: Producer, Web Design, Tech Nerd

Lizz Walker: Producer, Sound Design, Literally a Lizard

Episode One

The voice of Robert Isaac Wood is Mark Dryden. The voices in the press conference are Emily Redden, Kathlene Ashcroft, Daniel Daugherty, Travis Wagoner, James Neely, Shawn Reeves, James Holeman, Thomas Priest, Roshown Gateskill, Deaton Gabbard, Kate Ward, Kristina Ives.

Episode Three

The voice of Alisha McHammond is Emily Redden.

Episode Six

The voices on the tape are Chloe Bingham, Haberlin Roberts, and Grant Schumer.

Special Thanks

- 88.9 WEKU, Richmond, Kentucky -

- Wine and Market, Lexington KY -

- Appalshop, Whitesburg KY -